ZEV Technologies

ZEV Technologies is an American gun company that started out in a modest living room and has grown to become an award-winning manufacturer of premium pistols, rifles, AR platforms, and parts. Their basic tenet is that every product they produce needs to be the greatest in its kind. This idea is realized through strict standards, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, premium materials, and creative design.
Competitive shooters, elite military, law enforcement, and civilians make up ZEV’s customer base. ZEV invented the first Glock drop-in triggers, and their triggers are currently the industry standard for rivals worldwide. ZEV products are designed to operate in all environments, including the shooting range, competitive arena, and battlefield.
The Core series of items and the OZ9 handguns are popular ZEV products.


ZEV Tech offers innovative aftermarket Glock parts, AR rifles, and parts that raise the bar for firearms. Located in Oxnard, California, the firm is renowned for creating finely constructed parts that elevate the Glock models, which are already legendary. Upgrades like the ergonomic textured grips, bespoke Glock slides, and Fulcrum trigger kit will turn your handgun into a unique custom ZEV Glock. In addition, ZEV Technologies has expanded its already remarkable product selection by adding AR weapons and parts. The largest online ZEV Tech distributor, we have all the finely milled Glock and AR parts you need to upgrade your firearm.